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Still Holding On

by Lonne

Released 2000
G&G Records Inc.
Released 2000
G&G Records Inc.
One of Chicago's strongest rhythm and blues vocalists. A must have for your cd collection.
Lonne, a talented individual from the Chicago area with a strong baritone voice has been compared to Teddy Pendergrass and Issac Hayes. He began his career singing with "THE SOUL SENSATIONS." Later, he formed a group called "PICK
OF THE LITTER" and recorded a powerful single, "THE MANY SIDE OF LOVE." After several years with the group, lonne decided to go single, his first recording, "THE HEAT IS ON."

UNDER the guidance of MITCHELL & AUSTIN OF DETROIT MI. MADE GOOD MUSIC. He also created another piece of magic "IT ALL OVER." Now he has made another mark on the music world with a strong CD that will let everyone know that this talented artist is "STILL HOLDING ON."

Check it out.

# 1 R&B Artist